Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Memories: Picnic in California

Family picnic at the beach (those not pictured are off treasure hunting for sea glass and shells!)
Today I had two exams back to back and they are going to keep on coming. One last two-week sprint, and the semester is behind me! 

All this studying and stressing and stupid, stupid procrastination is taking it's toll, and what I need now is a little sunshine. One of those special memories you can keep tucked away, only to be unfolded every now and then, when you really need it.  Just pressing away the well-worn creases and drawing strength from the remembrance of happy times. 

Part of my family lives in California and whenever we are visiting we always make time for a visit to my favorite beach in the world for a bagel picnic by the sea. I love those long, lazy afternoons, all of us hanging out together, eating on a blanket spread on the sand and then dispersing for naps, walks, and beach-treasure-hunting.

I just booked flights for a visit to the Bay Area this spring and I can't wait to head to the ocean and feel the sand squidge between my toes and that salty spray on my face. Here's to getting through the next couple weeks!

Look up at the Sky!


PS. Memories of a ski trip with Karl, playing "Who am I?", having some summer fun at the lake, a romantic weekend in Lausanne, and last year skiing with friends!


  1. Oh procrastination is my worst enemy! Have so much fun in NorCal!



  2. a beach... anywhere.... love!!!

    enjoy your coming holiday.

    something to look forward to, during the stress of right-now.

    gentle hugs,

  3. Have fun on your trip here! Everyone needs some California sunshine in their life!

    The Latest. Beauty & Colour

  4. wow, this is a beautiful beach. I can't wait to get back to the ocean myself. whichever and wherever that may be. good luck with your exams!!!

  5. Oooh, that little getaway is going to be amazing! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Crossing my fingers the coming weeks will go smoothly for you! It's amazing when you have something to look forward to and this sounds so, so nice. :)

  7. California is like another world I love visiting! Just booked my trip for june!