Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Favorites: Welcoming Spring

Berlin, decked out in springtime!

There's a freshness in the air around me and I've already felt a couple rays of sunshine soaking the vitamin D back into my friends, I do believe spring is right around the corner!

In light of all the complaining I did about this long, long winter, I think it's time to be a little more positive and at least enjoy that it's finally ending. Truthfully, it wasn't all cold and rainy and depressing: I loved skiing in the alps, celebrating valentine's day and my birthday, baking up a storm, and spending those long winter evenings having fun with friends.  Actually, when I write it out like that, counting my blessings like ducks in a row, I kind of hate myself for all the moaning and groaning. What are a few frozen toes when life is as lovely as this?!

So now, I'm going to be carpe diem-ing it up a little more.  Here are my favorite "firsts" for spring.

1. The first time you're outside and realize your jacket is way to warm and have to take it off.  Such a little thing, so much joy. This happened two days ago and I swear I was walking down the street wearing a sweater and the hugest of smiles!

2. The first time you wake up on a weekday and it's light outside.  Okay, nature get's a little help from daylight saving time with that one, but still, how good does it feel to get up when it's not pitch black?

3. The first time you voluntarily spend more time outside than necessary. I took the long way to the supermarket the other day, just to enjoy the sunshine a little longer. I haven't taken the long way since October! It's a whole 'nother twenty minutes!  Whoohoo!

4. The first ice cream cone.  Woah, I might be getting ahead of myself here. I haven't crossed this milestone yet but it won't be long now and I can't wait.  It's going to be chocolate all the way!

5. The first time you leave the house in ballerinas instead of boots.  Summer clothes! Skirts and dresses and bare legs!  I tried to explain to Karl how amazing it's going to be to just throw on a summer dress and flip flops and go. He didn't get it at all. Is it just a girl thing to get excited to bust out some summer outfits again?

Zelda in Sicily last summer
Here's Zelda last summer in Sicily, rocking the summer look. At least my sister will always get me, even if the prospect of shorts doesn't exhilarate the boy in my life quite as much as it does me. Sisters always understand!


Look up at the Sky!


PS. Five favorite ways to procrastinate and ways to save!


  1. yeahhhh.... "thinking-Spring" is breaking out all over blog land!!!!

    what a lovely photo of a magnificent building, wearing its green shawl... :-)

    and just to be silly...... I read your P.S. too quickly. and I read it as "5 favorite ways to procreate" really!!!! eeeeeeek!!!!!!!!! lollllll


  2. Beautiful post! I myself, am soon to be heading back home to Sweden again after 6 months of sunny Australia.. I'll be waiting for spring! x


  3. yeah to spring :)

  4. Spring is the best. Although I feel like Southern California completely skips Spring and goes straight to Summer.



  5. Wow, that building is beautiful! Oh, the first ice cream cone is such a significant moment :) I never eat ice cream in the winter (if I'm not traveling) so I've definitely been deprived of it. Great post, Zanna.

  6. Love the happy spring thoughts! I think the first flower opening in the garden is one of my happiest spring moments
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