Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Favorites: Procrastination

birthday flowers, brightening up my room!
Well, it's exam time again here at our friendly neighborhood medical school, and as always, I am finding time to do everything besides study. That's because I am one of the world's best procrastinators. I eventually sit down and get to it, obviously, because long hours in the library with a textbook are the only path through medical school. But before I pull myself together, I'm fabulous at doing just about anything else.  

Here are some of my favorite ways to push off studying.  I highly recommend them for anyone looking to create an inefficient and frustrating exam-prep experience!

1. Clean room, organize shelves, rearrange desk ect. This is particularity great if you want the feeling of being productive while actually avoiding the task at hand.

2. Spend time researching some rare pediatric mutation in glorious detail instead of focusing on the relevant material. If it's a topic I find interesting, an hour flies by. If it's boring, I look up after an eternity and twelve minutes have passed.

3. Do laundry.  Fold each piece in lovingly instead of just shoving them in the closet like I usually do.  Pinking off lint is also time consuming.

4. Discuss the pros and cons of health care reform in excruciating detail. Always great if you have med school friends who are attempting to avoid studying with as much dedication as you are.

5. Bake cookies! I tried these ones, recommended by Naomi from Love Taza. We brought a bunch to the library with us and an empty tupperware back. Way too delicious!
chocolate chip cookies: keeping blood sugar and spirits up since 1938!

Other common pastimes for when I should really be studying include writing thank you notes for birthday gifts, bickering unnecessarily with Karl, spending a lot of time deciding what to make for dinner, leafing through recipe books, wondering why the fridge is empty, and using exam stress as an excuse not to go grocery shopping. I'm a procrastination champ!

Look up at the Sky!


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  1. ha, I hear you. same here. if I would get paid for procrastination I'd be rich as hell :)

  2. "chocolate chip cookies: keeping blood sugar and spirits up since 1938!"

    love that!!!

    wonder why humans got wired for procrastination...?

    didn't human traits survive, because the early humans, with such, were the fittest and survived... to pass said traits down?

    perhaps it was sometimes wise, to put off going out to slay that woolley mamoth...?


  3. Ha, this is really funny :) You have this down. I'm the worst procrastinator, not because I always get to work when I need to but because when I procrastinate I don't really do anything - I just kind of lazy around. Organizing things and doing laundry? That's ambitious procrastinating, ha. :)

  4. Procrastination is my constant companion.
    I started blogging because I couldn't bring myself to grading test papers.

    Baking cookies is my favourite way to procrastinate out of your list. Eating cookies is next.