Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Memories: Skiing in the Alps

Patrick, Frederika, and Karl with our epic snowman!
Just a short post today, because we are beyond the reach of reliable the Alps! I love it here. The mountains are majestic and the snow makes everything so serene and still.

Karl's family has a vacation place here and we come almost every year for some snow, sunshine, and skiing. Last year, we went with a couple of friends from medical school, Patrick and Frederika, but this years it's a romantic getaway à deux, which is lovely after the hustle and bustle of these busy winter months. 2015 is just flying by and I'm so happy to have a couple days of calm with my sweetheart to leave it all behind and just enjoy eachother's company (and some hot chocolate and good books too)!

Look up at the Sky (it's a fantastic night sky here)!


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  1. oh, looks cold. too cold for my taste :)

  2. What a gorgeous place! And I bet that night sky is breathtaking!



  3. Wow that second picture is beautiful! Have a great time, what an awesome vacation spot! :)

  4. Looks beautiful! What a wonderful romantic getaway. Enjoy :)

  5. i've always wanted to gos kiing in the alps! you are so lucky!