Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Memories: Lake Fun

The sleeping loft of our Laube (=hut)
Today I'm dreaming of summertime! The weather is drab and grey and I looked in the mirror this morning to see an exhausted vampire girly staring back. Seriously, I can't stand how white I get this time of year, I look transparent or ill or both! So this Monday I'm looking back on a beautiful July day last summer.

My parents have a small hut (German: Laube) at the Wannsee, one of the many spectacular lakes in southern Berlin. It's tiny, open-roofed, slightly nordic-looking, and adorable.  The primary use is to laze around near the lake on hot summer afternoons and sleep over when the city gets too grimy and hot to bear. 

Kiki horsing around in our hammock (yup, we have hammocks, and they're awesome!)
The best part is, all of our friends have huts nearby, so every summer evening becomes a big ol' party. The kids are all "cousins" and are communally and constantly covered in Popsicle gunk. Its a great big family and I miss them when I'm not home almost as much as I miss summertime!  

I can't wait for those long, lazy days when it's legitimate to wear a bathing suit and a sarong from morning till night, when ice cream becomes a primary food stuff and the ubiquitous sand mixes with random smears of sunscreen to create something disgusting between my toes.  Can't wait.

Here's to sunny memories getting us through these short, cold days. 

Look up at the Sky!


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View of the Lake


  1. Ummm, yeah. That sounds amazing! Like the best thing I've ever heard, can we come- there's only six of us, you wouldn't even know we were there;)

  2. Are you serious? That lakeside cabin looks wonderful and so relaxing. Ah, I wanna go! Seriously. I love the bed and the coziness of the it all.
    Texas Jak

  3. Looks like one awesome family time)
    I would love to go there))