Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Memories: A Day à deux in Lausanne

Morning walk with Karl to a hilltop in Lausanne
Last year, for various career-y and professional reasons, I was living in Paris while Karl was in Lausanne. This went on for about six months or so before we both elegantly bowed out of this unsatisfactory arrangement. Lessons learned: long distance sucks, skype does not suffice....but absence does make the heart grow fonder.  I remember those weekends together so much more vividly than the weeks apart.  We tried to spend every second weekend together and to alternate visits, so we got to explore both places pretty thoroughly (and yes, we got lucky that both are incredibly romantic, fascinating, and breathtakingly beautiful cities). Those weekends together, far away from family and friends, in a foreign country together, were so...well, for lack of a better word: intense. Not necessarily physically, more just a unique moment of being removed from the constant distractions of real life and focusing competently on one person for 48 uninterrupted hours. Just being me, being him, being us away from absolutely everything else. We talked a lot and we were silent a lot. In some ways we discovered who we really are as a couple. Maybe the fact that neither of us had cell phone service was a factor. I don't know exactly what cocktail of circumstances came together, but I remember discovering new places while re-discovering my beloved partner; I remember long, timeless days that went by in a blur; I remember great happiness, and more than that: great peace.  

Here are three snapshots of a day we spent in Lausanne, which is a wonderful city: quaint, lively, and perfectly situated on the shores of the lovely lake Geneva. Also, exorbitantly expensive, but lets focus on the positive.

Ending the day with a visit to the Olympic Museum and Headquarters
Look up at the Sky!


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  1. I must say- it sounds incredibly dreamy! Well, living in Paris sounds kinda great and being away from everyone sounds kinda great. I love my family dearly but sometimes they can be a bit suffocating. To be out, alone, discovering you sounds very good for a time!

    1. Its so funny! You're dreamy about this, while I look at your blog and drool over how cute your kids are and get dreamy about how much I am looking forward to that toddler-y, super busy, all-round-surrounded, sticky and cuddly era of life!

  2. Such gorgeous shots. I love the serenity that seems to be there in Lausanne. The first photo is simply heavenly.
    :] // ▲ ▲

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    Have a sunny day and greetings from Italy!

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