Thursday, December 18, 2014

Exam Stress

Oh me oh my. Yesterday I had two exams, today I had two exams, tomorrow I have three exams and after that...sono libera!  That's the only thought going through my head during all this cramming: soon it'll all be over and I'll be home with my family with no scoliosis or kidney stones in sight! Also my roommate Sophie made me waffles this morning before my exams, to fuel me up and brighten my day. It was so sweet of her and they were delicious!

I've been at this whole university-end-of-semester thing for a while, but still the final sprint before the end, the frantic cramming and all-out exhaustion gets to me every time. I just finished the written portions for surgery, urology, orthopedics and anesthesiology. Tomorrow I have the oral tests. I hate oral exams with a vengeance, because despite being relatively well-spoken under normal circumstances I always start stuttering and blubbering when asked to answer the most elementary questions under pressure. And I have to say, while several of the subjects we're studying this semester really interest me, I absolutely hate ortho. All those bones and tendons everywhere, all with their own specific name and random classification to memorize. Ugh. I love the other three though, so I'm going to try and focus on that. 

This is shot of one of our classes last week. The anesthesiology department has a great skills lab set up like an operating theater and a very friendly plastic patient with all kinds of capabilities. He talks to you, tells you where it hurts, blinks, vomits, urinates, cries tears and sweats sweat, he has a heartbeat and breath sounds, pupils that dilate and probably many other functions I have yet to discover. We use him to run drills and learn about different medical emergencies without harming real people during our learning curve. It's actually really fun! 

So here's to learning, which I like, and being tested, which I don't. Three more tests, two sides of the med school coin and one more day until winter break!

Look up at the Sky!


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