Thursday, December 11, 2014

An Advent Potluck

Finn takes a catnap on our couch after dinner
Last weekend Karl and I hopped over to Berlin to visit my parents and partake in a big ol' Advent Potluck. It was wonderful to see all my parents' friends again, they have a very cool, very tight-knit group whom I've known all my life. They're all like uncles and aunts to me and their kids are the cutest pseudo-cousins ever! I cooked a chicken with lemon and thyme and my Mom made an awesome Mung Bean Soup. Everyone brought something; quinoa salad, roasted zucchini, plain pasta for the kiddies...we ended up with a eclectic mix and a marvelous meal!

Afterwards, Mama hauled mine and Zelda's old Barbies from some forgotten corner and we played wedding, road trip and high-fashion runway until dessert was served. I had forgot how many outfits and accessories we had, but I must say Barbie play is somewhat boring now I'm grown up.  Pretty much limited to dressing and undressing them. Dialogue was minimal due to the two-year-old's lack of interest in my plot ideas.

Also on the weekend, we went to Yoga as a family (Papa and Karl are utterly inflexible but endearingly dedicated), watched a documentary at Hackischer Höfe Kino, in my opinion one of the world's coolest movie theaters. We also went to see an exhibition at C/O Berlin at their new location in the Amerika Haus right by Zoo Station. The show is called "Magnum. Contact Sheets" and looks at the perspective and the context in which famous photographs were shot. D-Day by Robert Capa, the Tank Man at Tiananmen Square and the iconic Che Guevara portrait are on display and it's absolutely fascinating to see the contact sheets those images came from and learn about the way they were captured. If you're in Berlin, check it out!

Wonderful weekend. Thank you, Karl and Parents!

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  1. Seems like you had a great time! <3



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  2. It sounds like such a great time! Hope you soaked up every moment and enjoy the rest of the holiday season!